These are some things that I've made or worked on. Generally larger/more recent things are listed first.

My website (which includes this page) is designed, built, and maintained entirely by me. It is mostly hosted on my personal cloud server. There are some more technical details on the showcase.

Cosmic Latte is a color pallete inspired by the average color of the universe. I designed it specifically to use as a color theme for different software, and it is used as the theme for this website.

Unnamed origami app is a web app I started designing for sharing/selling origami diagrams. I learned and used Flask to build a working prototype. Source code here.

xl is a lambda calculus interpreter designed to extend any other language by implementing lambda abstractions. I might eventually add more features.

Other things:
- oBot, a simple discord bot that I made for use by myself and friends.
- Desatur8, a tiny color palette I designed to make pixel art with.
- converters in JavaScript, including base conversion and number to text.
- a Drum Kit, which I made in the PICO-8 game console.