My website (which includes this page) is designed, built, and maintained entirely by me. Currently, I am using Jinja and hosting it on the same Vultr instance I use for the majority of my projects.

Origami is a suite of web apps and discord interactions I built in the process of learning web development with Flask. I'm currently using it to help manage a gaming server with friends. source

Cosmic Latte is a color pallete inspired by the average color of the universe. I designed it specifically to use as a color theme for different software, and it is used as the theme for this website.

Other things:
- feed, an Atom feed with XSL styling.
- oBot, a simple discord bot that I made for use by myself and friends.
- Desatur8, a tiny color palette I designed to make pixel art with.
- converters in JavaScript, including base conversion and number to text.
- a Drum Kit, which I made in the PICO-8 game console.